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  1. CourtezBoi

    August 15th Update - Backpack Backpack!

    This was requested a while ago, but I finally got around to finding the right plugin, we now have backpacks! Simply type /backpack to access it in-game.
  2. CourtezBoi

    August 13th Update - It's a Map!

    We've added dynmap to the server, to be able to see our overall map! Check it out at Additionally, we have added death chests. When you die, a chest will spawn with whatever possessions you had on you at time of death, so you may go and collect them from the chest. As...
  3. CourtezBoi

    August 12th Update - Mob Arena!

    We now have a mob arena! Simply type `/ma join` to join the arena. Click on a class sign, then click the iron block to indicate you are ready and the match will begin! Mobs will come in waves, and you can earn prizes as the waves increase! We will be working to improve the map within the...
  4. CourtezBoi

    August 11th Update - Block Protection and Voting!

    The new version of McParadise is now live! Lightweight Chests (LWC) We've added the ability to lock chests, doors, or whatever items you feel like, using LWC. Simply re-place any chests or doors you have for the lock to take effect, or type `/cprivate` and left click on the block. To add...
  5. CourtezBoi

    My little town

  6. CourtezBoi

    Grand Opening

    We are now open to the public! The whitelist has been lifted and we look forward to seeing newcomers to the community join and create something spectacular! Our current plugin list: - LuckPerms - mcMMO - Vault - Towny - TownyChat - Jobs - ChestShop - EssentialsX