August 11th Update - Block Protection and Voting!


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Aug 9, 2019
The new version of McParadise is now live!

Lightweight Chests (LWC)
We've added the ability to lock chests, doors, or whatever items you feel like, using LWC.

Simply re-place any chests or doors you have for the lock to take effect, or type `/cprivate` and left click on the block. To add friends to be able to interact with your protected block, simply `/cmodify YourFriendsName` and they will be able to access the block also!

A full tutorial is available here.

Voting will now give you three diamonds per site that you vote on, with a helpful `/vote` GUI in-game to give you links to all of the available sites we are registered on.

Vote today at any of these:

More great plugins will be coming as we build out the server, let us know below which ones you think would be a good addition!
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